well, i woke up at 6am yesterday morning, and got out of the house by 6 30 to drive up to ian comptons house. we left his house around 7 15 and started driving north. we drove a while on the highway, and found a sweet gun show sign on the side of the road. ahhbviously we took it with us.

we met up with andrew holson about half way there, and from there we continued north. we finally got to the alpine shop in hopes of a decent rail jam. when we got there, we met up with parker, forest, and will. at the beginning there was an extreme lack of snow, so they just set up a small 6 foot flat bar first. weew! none of us wanted to wait in a long line to hit a tiny flatbar, so we just hung out and waited.

we went around the back of the shops, and other things around and skated a bit, still waiting for more snow to arrive.

first try

forest, parker, will and i got tired of waiting for snow that would be put onto some dumb box, so we left the rail jam and went to the burton factory to do some more skating. forest absolutely kills it skating, so it was fun to take pics of him. parker and will are also goood too. made me feel bad.

chillin at the bowl

forest air to fakie


will with his sweet glasses


forest frontside flip

yeah wow

we had a little mini ramp sesion too

will nose


parker blunt on the extension

haha look at his face

i like this one

then we went to the little hip in front of the store there

and of course forest killed it

that was some big gap forest ollied first try. damn you forest.

we left burton, and went to skate some street for probably 30 minutes or so. i didnt take any pics cause i wanted to skate. compton and holson called us and told us the rail jam was pretty beat and they were over it. so we went back to meet up with them and leave burlington. before we left, we went to the burger king right next to the alpine shop, and parker and willl got the cops called on them for almost going in the kids play place. it was pretty funny. so we had to eat our burger king somewhere else, then we left.

on the way back, we dropped off holson at his house, and played with his mini horse, maisy.

overall it was a fun day. it was a bummer the rail jam was no good, but i definitely stil had a good time.

if you guys havent checked out http://www.ski-block.com yet, do it!