well today is another day and i am school. I have two tests to write tonight, the first one in 4 hours from now and NS is doing an excellent job keeping me from studying. After today i only have some crap assignemts left though and then exams and once my birthday hits i am free from school for the year...pretty much i have a shit laod of classes to goto and catch up on and i shit load of work to do and its just plain annoying, but it'll all pay off when i go to europe in about 71days and germany in 83, for anyone who knows me u would know why, its gunna be dope, i just want the year to end, not in the same way it has for my buddys at alquinguinsdjadhkasjhd collage though, stike has been on for almost 3 full weeks now, that sucks in someways. I am just really looking forward to summer now, this non-snowing warming up raining crap is getting tiring and if i cant have snow i just want the sun....so thats a little update about my life right now

Peace till next time,