The Salt Lake City stop on the Zumiez Couch Tour proved to be yet another bodacious funfest with madness all around. The day would start off like any other in this city, surrounded by volumes of mountain ranges. As soon as the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest was slotted to begin, rain started to drizzle down so the entire street course needed to be covered in tarps. And teamwork was the name of the game. The storm soon quelled and the contest went off without any further interruptions.

The Zero team made it just in time to witness all the skaters killing it in the BFF contest. Rocking the course was Christian Sereika coming in 3rd, Brodie Penrod in 2nd and pulling it all off in the end was Tyson Bowerbank. Tyson?s clean lines and deep bag of tricks landed him the 1st place spot.

The Zero demo began with a couple of new faces on the Zero army. Tom Krangelov and John Fitzgerald were in the house and shredding all over the course. The crowd was eagerly awaiting Zero killers Chris Cole and Tommy Sandoval, who both showed up in top form. Cole, who has won just about every major contest in the past four years, was on fire for this demo. Garrett Hill broke out with several handrail tricks and a 360 flip over the rail to flat. Zero am rider, Steven Farmer, rocked out with all kinds of rail mastery including a barley grind back out to regular.

The true standout of the demo was without a doubt, Zero owner Jamie Thomas. In his long career, Jamie has not only revolutionized the way we look at skateboarding, but company owners look to him as a model of how to get it done with efficiency and style. The Chief killed it with ollie impossible-to-50-50s down the hubba, blunt slides down the handrail, and 50-50s across and down the wallride.

Zero brought the energy of raw street skating to this Couch Tour in a big way.

As the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest of Salt Lake City took flight, it was to be shot down instantly. What? Why?

As we have learned, the weather in this beautiful city is unpredictable to say the least. Just as the contest was slotted to get underway, rain spouted down seemingly out of nowhere. The helpful teamwork of almost every member of the contest, including the contestants themselves, scattered to get the tarps in place so the water wouldn?t affect the masonite. True to form, in this Salt Lake City, it didn?t last long. The Zumiez DJ loved the good vibes and rocked out songs like, ?Here comes the sun? and ?Who loves the sun.? In no time, the collective consciousness of the Couch Tourers and BFF-ers brought on solar goodness.

You can?t bring BFF down, especially in the city put on the map by a spawn of Hell called Lizard King. BFF qualifiers got underway with a rocky start, but there would be shredding, no doubt about it. We saw some serious ripping by dudes like Brodie Penrod, who killed it with all kinds of tech skating. He pulled off a crooked grind nollieflip out on the bump-to-flat-rail! Tyson Bowerbank was like a man possessed. And his consistency was unparalleled. He threw down a backside 360 kickflip up the euro-gap along with about a thousand other mind-bending maneuvers.

Rocking the contest finals were Christian Sereika coming in third, Brodie Penrod in 2nd, and pulling it all off in the end was Tyson Bowerbank, who?s clean lines and deep bag of tricks landed him the 1st place spot.