So Smuggs finally got the Zone Park up and running. T-bar is running smooth, well as good as it gets, and minimal breakdowns so far! They have

a total of 6 rails in the zone and 3 hits.

-Down Rail        -Trapezoid


-DFD Rail           - C box

-Elephant Box    -S Box

Over in

Birch there is one small hit and 4 rails including:

-Flat box                   

-Small Flat Rail

-Double Butter Box    -Flat Down Rail

The Park is

off to a real nice start and keep in mind its only the end of December. Here are

some pics of this past week. Showing most of the features and a Video including

Herbies Rap…

heres another video from the 29th just lapping the rails in the park - didn't try any new trick becuase we both had wicked shinbang, but we saw 2 moose on the way there! peep the vid.


          Grant grabbin' on the middle jump          


            Jake Hitting the Down Rail at the Top of the




                John on the Down Rail




                Max Sliding the Down-Flat-Down





                LJ Getting ready to 270 off the DFD





        Jake on the DFD



                Max on top of the Elephant




                    Max on the Trap Box





                Max Hitting up the



                                                 LJ sliding the C box



                John Hitting Up the DFD

Well,  Smuggs is certainly off to a fun start and we hope to see more of you up there ripping the park!