Its been a while since I've been to zion, it was as just as hot as I remember. Mid july is not the best time at all to visit the park, extreme crowds and heat are guaranteed. We were on a mission to show our friend from switzerland something crazy before he left, southern utah is about as crazy as it gets.

^first stop was gooseberry mesa to ride the famous slickrock trails. Our timing was good, riding at sunset to avoid the penetrating heat. It was very impressive, and none of us had ever seen anything like it.

^The trail ends at this point. Crazy.

^Neil riding over some exposure.

^Kilian has been helping Inspired Media for some time now, and he has been here in Utah for the last month doing all sorts of graphic and design work. We thought 3 days of camping in the desert would be a unique way to end his trip

^Camping on the mesa gave us a huge view of the sky. The milky way appeared as a rainbow from one end of the sky to the other. crazy

^looking east towards zion and the moon is rising over the great domes

^a few hours later and the sun follows.

^Hiking in the lower narrows of Zion canyon was really nice. On our second day we had planned a hike into the eastern part of the park to explore a remote river, but ended up going the wrong way and just walked around in the desert for 6 miles. We went to the narrows to cool off.

The desert is a harsh place of beauty.