April 15-18: NYC with the fiancee and future in-laws to plan July wedding.April 19-25: Oberstdorf, Germany for the Nine Knights event.April 26-28: back to NYC.April 29: Home or wherever the Nimbus gents are posted up.Real pumped to leave tonight. The travel bug has been biting lately. I love New York and to follow that up with Nine Knights in Germany is making me pretty happy. Haven't been across the pond in a couple years and never been to Germany, but the jumps they're making for Nine Knights are looking pretty primo! Plenty of content to come from there. Here's some video of the awaiting features being built...Nine Knights - Building the castle, part 1 from Nico Zacek on Vimeo.Nine Knights building the castle - part 2 from Nico Zacek on Vimeo.