I am very happy to finally be able to release this video. This project culminates my feelings towards winter living in the Coast Mountains, and living by the ocean. Two and a half years ago I made the move to the Sunshine Coast. This move has taken my mindset, spun it around and has changed the way I value different outdoor pursuits. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is like a powder day, getting faceshots all day long, but something about living by the ocean and with mountain bike trails in my back yard that has decreased my need for those powder runs. The pull of the ocean, the energy contained in it, the weather generated because of it, the wildlife, the surf, everything about the ocean pulls me to it.

During the month of February I shot this art piece for the Kootenay Mountain Culture / Arc’teryx Multimedia challenge. 4 invited teams created shows containing various artistic mediums. I was stoked to take home the win at this event, but I’m more stoked to get this visual stimuli out to the masses. I chose to do most of my work with photos and video, along with a bit of painting (helped by the rain), as well as a lot of audio work. I worked for 26 days straight…straight, and now I’m enjoying a break.

here’s the vid:

-The ocean is where it begins and where it will always return

-Vapour, liquid, solid, liquid, vapour

-Mountains sprout upwards and extend their roots deep into the frigid ocean below

-The continuously chaotic dance with zero degrees, blankets us with snow, violently rips it off, and pulses our swollen streams

-Winter in the Coast Mountains flows to a different beat

-That is why we are where we are

Thank you to Backcountry.com, Bluehouse Skis, GoalZero, and Smith Optics for their support. These companies believed in the project and you should go support them.

More of my photo work, although somewhat older, can be seen on my photo site Nicolas Teichrob Photography

At Dendrite we have a trip planned in one week to TLH heli, which should be rad. Joining us will be Matt Elliott, Alex Blais, Max Arsenault, as well as a crew from EpicPlanks.com, and the Kashmir documenting master, Anthony Bonello.

Ciao and enjoy the show