As you know, is dedicated to bringing the ski industry into the hands of those who comprise, shape, and own it: you.

We felt that the best way to do this was to hand you one of the most sought-after posessions in our industry: the pro model.

Now is your chance to have your very own pro model t-shirt, made by All you have to do is create a t-shirt design that you think others would like to wear. If we choose your design, you are the new name behind the latest piece of pro model equipment.

Chosen pro model designs will be included in our 2004 clothing lineup available for sale next season. We'll even give you one of your t-shirts out of the goodness of our hearts. Afterall, you've got your own pro model now, you deserve it.

Submit all entries directly to Matt Harvey at


All designs must be no more than 2 colors, single location. This means that it can not have any shading, and you can only have center chest, or shoulder blade, etc. You can't have center chest AND shoulder blade.

You must submit the SOURCE graphics file. So if you made your graphic in photoshop, you must submit the PSD. Images should be made at 300 or 600 DPI.

Your shirt does not have to say or NS anywhere on it. It does not even have to reference skiing. Be creative!

Fine print:

All decisions will be made by staff and are FINAL! We will not accept or acknowledge any messages, e-mails, letters or other forms of correspondance begging us to pick your design, complaining because we didn't pick your design, or otherwise. Submitting a design does not guaruntee it will be made into a pro-model. We reserve the right to print your design when, and how we see fit.

Submitting a design remitts all ownership to You are not entitled to any royalties or revenues generated by your design. Remember, you're doing this for the sport we all love, not for the bling.

You can name your pro model however you wish, although we retain the right to validate any names. If your name is not deemed suitable, you will be able to re-name it. reserves the right to alter your model. For example, will be added somewhere in small.

You can submit as many pro models as you'd like.