Here's some of my new favorite Youtube videos. Well, to be honest, I haven't had much time for blogging and this is a quick and easy entry. Feel free to call me out on this bullshit in the comment section! -RoggeChuck Norris Fights a bear, and wins via starring contest. Epic.By now you've all seen the Jiberish Hood Edits. Here's the full video of "the little black kid in the ski video." Unless you've been living under a rock, you know IF3 is right around the corner. You also should know these things too:1) Not being there is a poor choice2) The parties will be "off the hook" as my Long Island friends say3) One of those parties is going to be the Tanner Hall Massive Party featuring Cali PHere's Cali P's video for "Keep in Touch" produced by none other than the ski industry's Eric IbergTrue Life: I'm a Jersey Skier - this video hurts its so lame but accurate!I'm so excited for this movie, it hurts! It sort of makes me like GWB as a person, not as a president.and of course:I really hope to see you all at one, two or all of the Reasons East Coast Tour stops!And if you're wondering, the lineup in that frigen movie looks something like this: Andreas Hatveit Jossi Wells Tim Dutschi Sammy Carlson Charles Gagnier Pep Fujas Simon Dumont Mike Henitiuk Eric Pollard Andy Mahre Julien Regnier Laurent Favre Matt Walker Mark Abma JP Auclair John Spriggs Chris Benchetler Mike Douglas Jon Olsson Tanner Hall That's what I called a stacked line up!