Fuck no we're not going to make more snow. You just snuck up the lift scum bag, why would we make you more snow. Now get off the landing before you get mowed over by a 13 year old grom. What's with stupid questions in todays terrain parks? honestly. Pick up a magazine you pole snacher and get with the times. And whats with the elderly insisting that they are welcome to ski around, on top of and right over park features? did you not read the sign? STOP USING JUMPS AS THE NEXT BEST THING TO EXTREME SKIING IN THE ALPS YOU NEON CLAD WIERDO! I can't imagine what goes through these peoples heads while carving it up on the landing of a booter, and then to have the audacidy (spelling) to yell at someone when they are nearly hit. It's these same people that come from the breed that brings their pint size 5 year olds into the "big" parks so they can show off. AAAAAHHHHHHHH where is the parental responsiblity these dayS? That's like walking the infield at a NASCAR race. stupid stupid stupid

and that folks, is what really grinds my gears.