By now, you should know the fine folks at Copper believe that Everyone Deserves a Snow Day…remember that feeling of waking up and hearing on the radio that school was canceled.


Simple and plain, you deserve a Snow Day at Copper and your boss is probably thinking “no way,” so we cooked up a way to help. Head over to the “I am Employed” section of, where there are a plethora of tools to help you change your bosses mind.

Make The Call:

If your boss is a stickler and you need a little help asking for that snow day off, Captain Fred McGilicutty is your man. Head to, plug in your boss’s phone number and he’ll do the rest.

Snow Day Soundboard:

Head to where you’ll find some useful sounds (cough, cough; sneeze, sneeze) to make your boss wonder if you are going to need more than a day off.


No problem, we understand the struggle. Copper wants to add a little right to the wrong the economy is dealing you. Head over to, click on the “I am Unemployed” section. You can either hook up with people who can offer up extra help in your job search, or send us 739 words or more explaining how the economy has left you jobless, and enter to win a Snow Day of your own at Copper. Restrictions apply.

Copper is making it easy to enjoy a Snow Day with the Powder to the Pillow Package:

Imagine going directly from the skis to Z's without even having to drive home. Pre-pay for lodging now and then stay whenever you feel like it, starting at $99 per night for 6 nights. Powder to the Pillow nights are fully transferable so you can share your snow days with friends. Restrictions apply. Call 866-534-7444 or visit for more info.