On day two we started off our day at the top of North Dome. For the most part, hiking in the woods, we didn't see too many people, but as you get closer to the lookouts there are quite a few tourists hanging out.
Personally, I prefer cruising through the woods without people. Danny and I mapped out our destination point and started cruising.
We arrived at the top of Yosemite Falls were the quietness of the woods disappeared and people were all over the place. Although the views were spectacular, we quickly got back on the trail and eventually ended up at our new campsite.
Dinner tasted amazing after 15 miles of hiking. We made it to our campsite with plenty of time to hang out and watch the sunset. The little black canister you see in the photo above is our bear box. It's a pain to backpack with it, but it keeps bears and other creatures out of your food.
To my surprise we didn't end up seeing any bears on our trips. Lot's of deer, but no bears.
We hiked up to a higher ledge and tried to catch the sunset. The alpenglow was beautiful just after sunset. It lit up these purple and yellow patches of flowers that were scattered through the forest. It looked like a big purple carpet. Spring in the Sierras is colorful!