I've been living in Korea for almost a year and skiers here are silm to none...well, the ones that speak English anyways.WINTER IS COMING! I am so excited its not even funny!

I'm planning on hitting up some mountains in Japan and of course here in Korea!

Hopefully, I'll be able to post some sick pics...! And, let you all know what Asia has to offer...just in case you ever find yourself out this way...It took me a second to plan my route as far as where I'm staying and where to check out, rentals... (getting skis send over from America...is $$$) etc etc...more to come! Promise.

Take care!

(dreaming about floating on some pow pow)! <3

Oh, can I also just take a minute and post some badass ski songs that get me pumped?! I mean, why the F not?

If anyone has something they love to rock out too...let a sista know. I just started riding with music for the most part I like to hear the snow crunch under my skis...but it is what it is. Holla

Hard Rock Sofa :Quasar

Godstopper: XV Ft. Wiz Khalifa

Bitch City (3LAU Bootleg) R3hab vs. LAU

HAHA some Dirty Bass ft. Tyga Far East Movement

Sunlight: Modestep..............!