Yo Yo NS,

What’s uppppp!

Since I wrote

last I’ve been havin a blast.  The rest

of my season was dope!!!   I went to

Crested Butte for The Subaru Freeskiing World Tour stop one.  Having pre qualified I didn’t have to compete

on day one, instead I skied and checked out lines. The first day went killer.  Pillow line to double drop, stomped it clean.

I came out with a 3-point lead. The second day, which was held in a permanently

closed area, was insane, super steep with mandatory airs at the bottom.  My line included a gap from cliff to

cliff.  Stomped it, quite the adrenaline

rush. Now I had a 5-point lead going into the super final.  The final run I had all pegged, but right at

the bottom I decided to change my line and ended up falling on the last drop.

Man was I bummed. What did I learn from that? 

Stick with your plan. I finished 3rd.!!!

Gap jump at the Cold Rush

Cold Rush

Then I headed

back to Whistler to do more backcountry filming with Theory-3 Media, which is

always fun!  Been doin’ lots of

cliffs.  I’ve seen most of my footy and

it’s looking great.  I’m excited to see

how it turns out.  Hopefully I’ll be able

to do a version of my own edit.  I have a

bunch of edits on You Tube; check them out under Dane Tudor : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dane tudor.

Got in a few

weeks filming before heading to Calgary to coach

at the Salomon Jib Academy

at the Canadian Olympic Park.  What a

great event, lots of talent, kids are really stepping up their game these

days.  I even had a few buddies come out

from my home hill to compete, stoked about that.

Cold Rush

Cold Rush

Alexis and myself

Then I headed to

Red Resort BC (my home mountain) to film a super booter with Theory-3.  Three nights of pushing, building and shaping

before our booter was finished. The forecast called for cloud and snow, but we

got lucky, the sun came out for one day. We where able to get the footage we

wanted.  The Theory-3 crew then headed

back to Whistler, while I stayed at Red to train on our booter, before heading

to Schweitzer for the PBP Jib Jam.

Red booter, Cork 5

An other angle of the cork 5

What a great

event/film shoot it was.  I had tons of

fun.  Hit some crazy new features and met

the crew.  Super stoked to have had the

opportunity to be part of the team.  PBP

is really pushing the edge on the features they’re building these days.  I would have to say my favorite features were

Danny Way, Rainbow Rail, the Double Jump line and the Transfer Gap.  The

Transfer was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever hit.  I wish I had more time to hit it and get more

comfortable on it. Next time!

JibJam, Day 1

PBP JibJam, Day 2

PBP JibJam, Day 2

Now I’m back in

Whistler for the remainder of the spring. I know you guys will rip me out for this

but, I’m gonna start rollerblading.  Yeh

yeh, pretty stoked on it.  Gonna learn

tons of new tricks into a foam pit, get some dubs boiiiiis.  The legendary Kaya is going to teach me how

to slay on the blades, lol.

Lifestyle 1.0

Lifestyle 2.0


Gonna be riding

at Momentum when summer camps start. 

Hope to see you guys there!!! 

Then off to New Zealand for the rest of the summer!

See you at the