Mountains around the area closed early this year, leaving many of New

England's ski fanatics in disappointment. As for those who hit the

jumps, they are never quite done, at Mt. Snow this year we interviewed

18 year old park rider, Kevin Imtala. He said," the season has been

disappointing to say the least, I was finally hitting some new tricks,

and before I knew the end of the season blindsided me".  But as for

Kevin and many other young skiers and riders, the only park features

that he won't be seeing anymore are the massive jumps. Kevin stated once

more, "but I don't plan on ending my season here, the jumps will melt

but I plan on taking the rails to my backyard!" As we continued to

conduct the interview we learned of a new trend in youth park skiing,

known as a "turf park" Turns out a few feet of turf and a rail gets you

just as much practice on the features as snow! The lack of snow isn't

stopping modern day park riders, and it isn't stopping local

entrepreneurs either. A new company, named Swingline parks plans on

dropping some "huge turf parks" they aren't just stopping at that

though. By the unannounced opening date in 2012/13 Swingline plans to

bring an indoor warehouse completely layered with turf and almost 15-20

features! Outside is a planned outdoor turf park with up to 10 features!

We spoke with the head operations manager at Swingline who claims, "we

plan on having an all year all park area. Mostly created for the

hardcore park skiers and riders," he also stated, "Everyone who comes to

our park for the first time must fill out liability paperwork with an

adult (or be of the age of 18), after they must prove they know park

rules, for safety" Parks are a dangerous place to be if you don't know

what you are doing, countless modern day ski injuries occur from

inexperienced park riders who don't know the rules of the road that is

why Swingline developed a simple test, purely based off knowledge, not

skill, that would test your ability to know park safety rules. He told

us, "The test isn't to get the bad kids out of the parks, as everyone

has to start somewhere, but it is to keep the individual and customers

around us safe and wanting to come back!" As for details such as

chairlifts, pricing, and more, complete details will be on the soon

published website! But we were informed prices would be as low as $7-10

per day, and annual passes were an option. As for other details, two

J-bar style lift was planned on being implemented, one indoors and one

for outside. They said a concessions stand would be available inside,

and there was a sitting area, but there isn't much space for a lodge, as

they want as much skiing as possible. We were also notified that events

such as jams, filming, and more would be held throughout the year to

attract business! The warehouse the company is looking as does contain

an area for parking. We here at SkiNE believe this is the evolution of

modern park skiing and riding! Not only is it a good idea that we

promote, but probably one of the best things that has happened in the

park society in decades!

Edit[s]: Last updated 4/2/2012 at 9:06PM EST

 New England's finest indoor turf park is hoping

to open soon, they are still working out details to make sure the idea

is fiscally sound, therefore none of the above may be 100% guaranteed,

but the owner did say that if the park is to open, job opportunities may

be available for concessions, lift attendants, park crew, and even park

instructors! Can't wait to see the final result! For now stay up to

date with Swingline at:

We will release any new information about Swingline Parks as the

business progresses, they are new to the ski world and hopefully are

very successful! Good luck to all involved in the project! And for you

super stoked skiers and riders feel free to email Swingline Parks at:

Also visit there YouTube page for update videos, building, and when open, edits/feature walkthroughs!

We will keep you up to date best as possible!