The first half of the movie was some really polished ski-movie filming and editing.  The music was chosen well, and fitted to the skiing almost perfectly in some parts.  The footage shown was a good mix of backcountry, park,  and urban settings- there were not a lot of big-mountain shots from helicopter, which was a refreshing change.  One of the things I liked the most about Yeah Dude! was that the editors seemed to show footage with the knowledge that the audience has been watching the ski scene all year; they didn't show Yon throwing a million kangaroo flips (they might not have shown any in his segment), but did review major benchmarks of the year- Schiller's switch 1440, Olenick's double backflip and Dumonts 1260 at the X Games halfpipe.  My favorite segments were of Peter Olenick and Charles Gagnier, although this had more to do with their tricks (Gagnier's double grab and Olenick's really, really extended truck drivers), than anything else.  I found the second half of the movie less impressive; it got somewhat repetitive (as most ski movies do at 1 hour long), and just didn't hold the same theatric and exciting vibe as the beginning.  Yeah Dude!