We'll its May 18th and I just finished my last day of classes at Pentucket Regoinal High School. Yippee! This means summer which is sweet, but sucks at the same time because of the serious lack of snow and motivation to work.  Anyways with this sweltering heat approaching I will be hibernating in between surfing and longboarding sessions, oh yah and work *buah*, to edit the premier release "Yah Buddy" under my production name Hightopp Sneakers Media! Werd! Hopefully this feel good video will cater to every genre of ski movie out there showcasing some of the local talent of Mass, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Featuring the antics of Scott Cardoza, Robbie Remmes, Mark Pah-Me-Cah-toe and the Peace coast crew, the Moustafa Mafia, Matthew Pothier, Joshua Milewski, and any one else that skied there way into a good shot on my camera! I'm planning on having a megga (yes with two g's because its that gnarly) birthday(19 woppie!)/Railjam/Premier/Chicken gnarlies sesh for it in late August right before I head off to school! Anyways check out the Trailer and have a splendid summer!                                                                    

Josh Milewski on the Up at Cranmore

Robbie Remmes before his Win at Jibsaw

Scott Cardoza in his ever popular "Pink Pants" 

Scott Cardoza in a Ghetto Gown from my collection

Robbie Remmes in a Late Season Wachusett session