While it's raining cats and dogs right now in Steamboat at 7000ft.  The freezing level is dropping and the white stuff is pounding the peaks!

I talked to some eager beavers yesterday who had toured Cameron Pass and probed depths of around three feet!  With the A-Basin and Loveland lifts turning, the itch for skiing has turned into burning!

Peep the 48 hour weather by color forecast and the first report of avalanche for the season.  Be safe out there~                                                                                                                JP

Statewide Avalanche Conditions

Issued 10/24/2010 2:06 PM by Stu Schaefer


A series of storms will sweep across Colorado this weekend. Expect them to bring the first real accumulations of snow--at least a few inches over the weekend and more early next week. Remember: if there is enough snow to ride there is enough to slide. The first avalanche of the season was reported on 10/16. It was a 2 foot deep and 150 foot wide slab, starting in a windloaded area on a northeast facing permanent snowfield in Rocky Mountain National Park. Make sure you unpack your avalanche eyeballs with the rest of your winter gear.The CAIC will update the Statewide Forecast as conditions change this fall. The Zone Forecasts will resume in November when conditions warrant.