I’d like to thank you very much for voting for me as the October 2014 Member of the Month. Obviously, I’m super stoked.

When a member is nominated as MOTM, usually there’s a short article that displays the work they’ve done. That's all good, and I’ll get to that at the bottom of this short piece.

But while I have the space to talk, I just want give a quick shout out to Newschoolers.com as a whole. Obviously, NS is an amazing resource for getting information -- whether it's ski industry news, gear suggestions, movie release dates, etc.

On top of that, I've realized that it's amazing to think about the large number of people I’ve become good friends with, rail jams I’ve attended, etc. – that happened because of NS. Here are a few pics.

Epic fail at a rail jam.

My good friend Dave and I. You can thank Dave for all of the T-Hall Photoshops over the years. You can find the original thread by clicking here.

And finally, what I did this month:

• I wrote the article "20 Photos of Celebrities Failing at Snowsports."

• I started a couple threads (click here and here.)

• I gave an NS hat to Brandon Bowen, who now has half a million Vine followers. The reason behind me doing this is a lot easier to explain to people I know in person, but you can catch him wearing it all over his Vine and Instagram profile.

Thanks again NS!