Superpipe X Games 13 - trainings and elimination via ZapiksStartFragmentTeamRossignol rules the Men’s WXG superpipe qualifiers - Xavier Bertoni 2nd& Kevin Rolland 4th On a crystal clear Wednesday evening in aspen theyoung Frenchmen were in top form, Xavier Bertoni was the 1stcompetitor to drop into the largest x games pipe ever. His flawless run of 87.66 was the bestof the evening until T Hall uncorked one on his 3rd and final run. KevinRolland had a fantastic qualifying run of 80.00 which put team Rossignol at thetop of the leader board with a 2nd and 4th .Thefield of competitors was stacked with 18 of the best pipe riders in the world.Armed with the knowledge that only the top eight advance to the finals, eachrider gave it their all. The Pipewas hungry, or at least it seemed so, as it was eating some of the best pipeskiers in the world for dinner. The 22 foot walls require perfection. If theriders were off balance at all when they hit the transition there was norecovering, it buckled even the strongest skiers. Thursday night is shaping upto be the best superpipe comp to date, the pipe is perfect and the athletes arehealthy and ready to go. BothKevin and Xavier have something special in store for the evening session, don’tmiss it.ESPNlive, Thursday 22nd 7pmTheRooster crew reporting live from Aspen. Results 1)Tanner Hall - 90.002) Xavier Bertoni - 87.66 ROSSIGNOL3) Justin Dorey - 83.004) Kevin Rolland - 80.00 ROSSIGNOL5) Duncan Adams - 76.336) Simon Dumont - 76.337) Colby West - 75.008) AJ Kemppainen - 70.00-cutoff-9) Matt Margetts - 67.6610) Byron Wells - 66.6611) Taylor Seaton - 63.3312) Mike Riddle - 61.3313) Dan Marion - 59.3314) Peter Olenick - 57.6615) Walter Wood - 47.66EndFragment