After sharing the podium at three major events this season and a never ending series of fun & games antics in Xavier Bertoni and Kevin Rolland have unintentionally started their own Xav Kev fandom in France.

Equipped with giant flags, horns, bells, face paint, and plenty of good natured home town pride the fans of Xav and Kev raised the bar for audience hype level during the superpipe final at the European X Games in Tignes.
Charles Spina as le YetiWe already know who has the #1 halfpipe run, so we sent our Yeti to the front lines to find out who has the #1 fan club, team Xavier or team Kevin?
Regardless of your favorite, it's a pretty big accomplishment for freeskiing when we see a crowd of 17,000+ people cheering on a halfpipe competition as if their home team had just won the World Cup!

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