The folks over at happened upon this gem of an announcement, stating that the Xanadu project which had previously fallen by the wayside was back on the map.

"With a more attractive design plan, a new name and timeline for completion, this project is getting a much-needed make-over, while enhancing New Jersey's reputation as a vibrant tourism destination," New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, stated.

Though this project is insane, and probably costs more than you could possibly imagine, it is yet another venue for eastern skiers to get a few laps in 365 days per year.

The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center already sees a lot of hype in edits and photos around newschoolers, so it will be curious once the American Dream project is completed if we will see the same thing happen.

Though these places are likely crowded, expensive and the snow sucks... it just might be better than the astroturf and PVC backyard setup you're rocking at your parents house.

What do you think... will you ride this once its built?