Womens Superpipe finals just finished up in Aspen and (opinion warning) frankly, it was pretty weak. I enjoy watching womens slope, I think Big Air is going to be dope, but this was not a great spectacle.

Run 1:

Devin Logan put down the first landed run of the contest, both ways fives and optional grabs for low 80s. Marie Martinod went big on her run with both ways flairs and a nine, mostly grabbed too, for a benchmark 89. Crazy to think she's 32. Ayana Onozuka put down a crazy tech run but again, limited attempts at grabbing and amplitude for 83.0. It was clear the judges were prioritizing grabs and height generally. Maddie Bowman also did a similar tech but no grab thing, both 9s etc for 86.0.

Run 2:

Nothing changed for a long time. Crashes were crashed, grabs were missed. Then Annalise Drew did a 12, she kind of knuckle checked but it was sick to see her pushing for something you don't normally see. Ayana improved her grabs a little to bump her score to 87 and second place. Maddie Bowman didn't get the grabs again and couldn't bump anyone and had to settle for third with Marie Martinod taking the win.