I've been watching the x games. I was super impressed by the skiers and less impressed by the snowboarders. Snowboarders can't do 1080s in the halfpipe. Not a single one spun a full 1080 in the pipe. Shawn (shaun, sean?) White is almost an exception but he was skidding that last bit on the wall too. Skiers go way bigger and execute the tricks better. I suppose its possible the snowboarders tricks are more technical but from my point of view the skiers seem way better than the snowboarders. I'm not saying the snowboarders are bad, I really enjoyed watching the snowboarding too. I wasn't impressed by the shit they were doing on rails in slopestyle.

I feel like the judging was terribly inconsistent. I don't disagree with the podium choices at all but some of the riders runs that I thought were excellent were scoring in the 70s and most of the time when I thought they improved on their runs they got slightly worse scores.

We finally have some snow in Michigan. Unfortunately not in the part where I live. My friends and I went just the other day to Pine Knob. They had some decent jumps and their rails looked pretty solid. They were a little above my level so far this season since I've barely even seen a rail so far.

I started a blog about my poop. Its nuts.