This year the X Games and the SIA Tradeshow took place during the same 4 days. While all of Smith’s reps and management were busy in Denver showing off the new 2010-11 ski goggle, helmet, and sunglass product to retailers and media, the Smith Optics Ski Team was dispatched to Aspen and complete domination ensued. Starting things off on Thursday was the opening night athlete kick-off party sponsored by Smith Optics. Earlier in the day the Smith Team made its way to several key retailers where they were personally invited to our party. At the party, the retailers were able to visit with all of big name athletes while taking advantage of a never ending flow of food, drink, and good times.

Friday night was the Ski Big Air event which was the most insane display of hucking ever seen. The final 5 competitors were all throwing down like never before but it was Smith Optics’ Bobby Brown who stood out above the rest. His switch double misty 1260 and switch double misty 1440 were each awarded a perfect score of 50 and with the Gold Medal in the bag, Bobby went to the top of the in run for one last jump. With arms outstretched, Bobby sent one of the slowest, smoothest, laid out back flips ever seen and the crowd went nuts. Gold Medal #1.

Bobby Brown celebrates his Big Air Gold

Less than 24 hours later, a spent Bobby Brown was having trouble finding his groove during Slopestyle finals practice. Coming off the biggest night of his life, Bobby seemed drained of energy in the moments leading up to finals. Once the contest started however, Bobby flipped a switch and the beast was loose. Sitting in first place with one run to go, Bobby unleashed his best slope run yet, integrating style into his performance as he bumped his score even higher to claim the top spot. Gold Medal #2.

Bobby Brown was hungry for Gold and was well fed this weekend

Meanwhile on the slopes of Aspen Mountain, CR Johnson, and Eric Hjorleifson teamed up with local Smith sponsored rippers and shredded the legendary mountain towering above town. At 4pm, the Smith Ski Team Poster signing was in full effect at D&E Sports, a core retail outlet near the base of the gondola. C.R. and Hjorleifson joined up with Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Tim Durtschi, and Chris & Ted Davenport to sign posters and visit with fans, all while directing traffic into the store.

From L to R. Smith Athletes Eric Hjorleifson, CR Johnson, Tim Durtschi, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ted Davenport and Chris Davenport

Later that night at the Powder Video Awards, Tim Durtschi took home Best Manmade Air and Best Jib  for his insane tricks in PBP’s Everyday is a Saturday.

Mark Abma snared Best Natural Air for sending it in AK in MSPs In Deep. while Sage, Abma, Sarah Burke, and Eric Hjorleifson all took home Reader Poll awards. The team celebrated Bobby’s wins and all of the other achievements and raged deep into the night….

Art imitates life, or is it the other way around? Sage on the T-Shirt and in the   house.

The final event of X Games was the Skier Superpipe event. With Smith favorites Mike Riddle and Matt Margetts unable to qualify for finals, all hopes for another Gold Medal were on French superstar Kevin Rolland. With Sage in the start gate giving his teammate positive energy, Kevin dropped in and sent it to glory.

Sage stokes up Kevin just before his winning run

Throwing down the sickest pipe run ever, Kevin landed 3 massive doubles including a downright nasty double corked 1260 to total stomp. Gold Medal #3. For good measure, Kevin boosted 23’4” in the High Air event, taking home a Bronze Medal to add to his collection.

Tanner Hall is fired up on Kevin's Superpipe run

Winter X 14 will go down as one of the best, most progressive series of big air, slope, and pipe events ever seen. In each event the level of skiing was raised a notch as never before seen tricks were stomped so clean. Leading this wave of progression in each event was a member of the Smith Ski Team. Whether it was Bobby’s switch double misty 1440, Rolland’s 3 double run with style, or Sarah Burke going for broke and nearly stomping a 1260 in women’s slopestyle, the skiing world witnessed Smith Athletes pushing the sport. With talent, teamwork, good vibes, and the best product around, the Smith Ski Team came together in Aspen and made a serious impact.