This Article is translated from (Norwegian skiing magazine):

We spoke to X-Games General Henning Andersen, who could confirm that a new round of X Games will take place in Norway. They are also working towards an exciting expansion around the concept of "X Games Nordic" in the long run.

The first X Games on Norwegian soil took place in Oslo two years ago. After the capital's support disappeared with the newly appointed city council, Henning Andersen & Co. moved the Action sports competition to the former Olympic city Lillehammer and Hafjell ski resort for the 2017 version.

Up to 2018, it has been talks about an expand with the concept "X Games Nordic". Where in this case Stockholm, Finland, and Copenhagen has been mentioned as potential destinations. But if we read the Norwegian newspaper (VG) today, it may indicate that it is about to take place in Norway for a third consecutive time.

Today, the event was awarded 18 million Norwegian Kroner in the revised state budget following pressure from the Left. It is the same sum that the event in Hafjell in March was awarded this year.

- Yes, it's almost a confirmation. What we can say is that a lot has to go wrong if it doesn’t happen. Putting together an event like this is a big jigsaw puzzle. This was the first piece. The first, but also the biggest in the jigsaw puzzle, Henning confirms to Afterbang.

"We are very grateful that we can produce X Games in Norway again. It was a fantastic event this winter, with so many Norwegian top performers. I was not sure if we would get support from the Norwegian government and parliament again, but it seems amazing that we now get it, "said Tim Reed to VG.

Now they need an agreement with the municipalities in the region and sponsors to get it all in port.

On questions about X Games Nordic, Henning tells us in Afterbang that there has never been the intention to lift X Games out of Norway, but rather to supplement the program with other exercises, eg. in Stockholm or Copenhagen. But that this is something that is too large and comprehensive to work against for 2018, so the upcoming event will remain in Norway.