Thursday night is ski superpipe night at X Games with the women's and men's events running back to back. The pipe was looking good. There were really only two riders in contention in the women's event tonight and it was a true back and forth battle between Kelly and Cassie.


Run 1:

Right out of the blocks, Kelly Sildaru threw both way 9s, both way alleyoop 5s and ended things with a 7 and a switch 9. Cassie Sharpe went significantly bigger than Kelly but did more or less repeat a couple of tricks, with a downpipe left 9 tail and a downpipe left 10 tail, as well as a downpipe right 9 safety and right 7 safety. Brita Sigourney went provisional third with solid amplitude and a run highlighted by a big left 9 and a cork 7 down the bottom.

Kelly Sildaru: Silver Medal Run


Run 2:

Rachel Karker came out of the gates and boosted her first run score to 86 and third place, bumping Brita with both ways flairs and a nice switch 5 the highlights. Kelly put her same run down again, honestly looking like she was a replay of herself, but scored a touch lower this time around. Cassie Sharpe went even bigger up top but crashed on her last hit 10.

Rachel Karker: Bronze Medal Run


Run 3:

Ayana Onozuka, ho retires this season, sent a dope straight air mute and then high fived the crowd on top of the pipe, bowing out thanking the fans. Kelly Sildaru made it 3 out of 3 for clean runs but her first remained her cleanest according to the judges. Cassie Sharpe went bigger again, and this time stomped her run clean. It was over to the judges for an amplitude vs technicality decision. Ultimately they went for Cassie boosting and getting her grabs clean and earning a 94.00. Brita couldn't boost her score from fourth, leaving Maddie Bowman last to drop, couldn't improve her run, leaving Cassie atop of the podium.

Cassie Sharpe: Gold Medal Run