The first ever X Games Women's Big Air just went off on the city jump in Oslo. The format, 2 jumps each, was a bit of a let down. Certainly nowhere near as good as the Jam format we see in the Big Air in Aspen, either for the riders or the entertainment value. It was good to see the women finally get the chance in Big Air. But given what goes down at Nine Queens, it would certainly be better to see the same event feature in Aspen next year with the full jam format and give the ladies a chance to show what they can really do.

Run 1

Johanne Killi threw down on the first run of the day with a smooth forward 9 blunt that nobody else in the field could match. There were some other stomped tricks, a forward 7 opp mute from Kelly Sildaru and then last run of the round a banging switch 10 from Tiril, who was punished for a sloppy grab but still went second.

Run 2

Johanne couldn't land her 9 as cleanly as on Run 1 but Emma Dahlstrom put down a beautiful switch 7 to go 3rd with an 86. Kelly Sildaru landed another right 7 opp mute, but didn't really have enough speed despite being catapulted down the in-run by event staff and it wasn't good enough for top 3. Some lead weights in the pocket required for her. Kaya flailed a little and hand-dragged on her switch 7 but it wasn't clean enough to medal. Last run of the day Tiril bumped up her amplitude on the switch 10, held the grab better, still not as clean as Killi's 9, but it was good enough for 94.0 and another X Games gold.

Tiril's Winning Run

Johanne Killi's 2nd Place Run

Emma Dahlstrom 3rd Place Run