DAY ONE - X Games Tignes 2013 - Men's Ski Slopestyle Eliminations


1st: Jossi Wells 91.33

2nd: Russ Henshaw 89.33

3rd: Gus Kenworthy 85.00

4th: Tom Wallisch 84.33

5th: Noah Morrison 83.66

6th: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 82.66

7th: McRae Williams 78.00

8th: PK Hunder 73.33

In a crazy first day of X Games Tignes we saw Andres Hatveit pull out 30 minuets before practice this morning, which allowed Jossi Wells to throw down a nuts run to put him in first place. The shock of the morning however came from Aspen's podium competitors, Nick Goepper, Henrik Harlaut and James Woods, who crashed on their first run. The weather then turned and made the second run a lot harder for all the competitors, with crazy snow falling the kickers became slower and finding the speed was harder. This meant that it was harder for the competitor's to throw down.

Nick Goepper, Apsen's gold medalist, lost a ski on his first run after beginning the rotation of his second hit too early...however, managed to finish the run on one ski with style.

Henrik, being the legend he is, went for the nose butter on his first run and couldn't quite pull it off...second run he nailed it then fell on the 3rd hit due to the poor visibility.

Tignes has been hit with stormy weather all week, with terrible visibility and neverending snowfall affecting the course's speed.

To conclude the eight skiers who will be competing in tomorrow's Men's Ski Slopestyle finals are Wells, Russ Henshaw, Gus Kenworthy, Tom Wallisch, Noah Morrison, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, McRae Williams and PK Hunder. (Hopefully the weather will hold up)

Women's Ski Sopestyle has been postponed until tomorrow 3pm CET.

Real Ski Backcountry

Today was the final day of voting for the public and the day of the judges to choose their winner. After a competitive second round which saw Chris Benchetler and Sean Petit leave the competition. It was down to Wiley Miller and Sammy Carlson for the title. With two unbelievable edits, the judges rulled Sammy Carlson the winner. Below are the top four based on the votes:

1st: Sammy Carlson

2nd: Wiley Miller

3rd: Sean Petit

4th: Chris Benchetler

Check back tomorrow for more results and updates of the day, as we see the Women's Slopestyle Finals and the Men's Slopestyle Finals in action.