Nobody could argue that the Real Ski edits this year were anything but fire. Sean Pettit threw unreal tricks in the biggest of lines. Joe Schuster dubbed out like crazy. Park and Dahrk were style incarnate and Sammy did things we've never seen anyone do before. I'm sure lots of you out there have been voting on the daily. I've certainly thrown my ballot in the box a couple of times. Tomorrow (Monday 11/12) we find out the result of the people's vote, but the judges have already made their call on the main awards. The full hour long RealSki documentary just aired on ABC, which was possibly the truest depiction of skiing I've seen on national TV. The judging segment was really interesting to watch, slightly awkward/forced given the cameras but I think that's bound to be the case. If you can find a re-run definitely check it out, it was worth watching. FYI Parker definitely won the documentary.

But without further ado, the results/winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze are...

1. Sammy Carlson (Also Fan Favorite)

2. Parker White

3. Sean Pettit

Every edit was something special, but it's hard to argue with the results this time round. Any of the top 3 probably could have taken it but at the end of the day, the results are probably how I would have voted. On Monday, it was then revealed that Sammy also took home the coveted fan favorite award. Gettin' paid!

Let us know who you think should have won in the comments, and vote for your favourite over at ESPN!