Big air Qualis just went down in Oslo. Spins were spun, corks were corked and missed grabs pretty much defined who made finals with all but 3 guys landing at least one of their two runs. Fabian Boesch somehow managed to get a triple cork 16 around on the city jump style jump and take the first place qualifier spot. Oystein and Henrik (steezy Bio 12 safety) rounded out the top 3.

Sadly Vini $ couldn't put down his trademark switch cork 5 revert (have we got a majority decision on what to call this yet?) and so failed to make the cut having won the last 2 Big Airs at Fenway and Frostgun. Finals are tomorrow night so trawl the internet for a live stream or check back to find out who takes the win in the first ever X Games City Big Air then.

Cut Off