Early evening in Oslo saw the ladies take their turn to drop in through the roof of the Telenor Arena. With just 6 invited skiers there was no need for an elimination round, so it was just three jumps each for a chance at some silverware. The requirement to spin in two different directions remained, but at least forward and switch counted as different directions. The ladies threw down from the off, with three dubs in the first runs alone.

Run 1:

Elena Gaskell opened proceedings with a well grabbed right 9 tail, for a 38.00. Tess Ledeux then lifted the bar to the stratosphere stomping a perfect left dub 12 mute for a near-perfect score of 48.00. Giulia Tanno put down a loose dub 10 safety for 44.66 before compatriot Mathilde Gremaud put down a carved dub 12 safety scoring only slightly higher. Johanne Killi opted to put down her left side trick on the first run, a clean left cork 9 tail.

Run 2:

Tess Ledeux backed up her huge first-run score with a slightly sketchy switch 9 for 34. Sarah Hoefflin took her second crash in as many runs effectively ending her medal chances before Giulia Tanno crashed in the transition on a nice looking right cork 9 tail. Mathilde Gremaud couldn't find the speed for her switch dub 10 and made a catlike escape at switch 7.

Run 3:

For the third round, the order was shuffled so that riders dropped in reverse ranking order. Sarah styled out a nice cork 9 blunt to move her above Elena and Johanne in the rankins, but that was the limit. Johanne Killi couldn't put her switch right 10 to her feet, double ejecting landing front seat. Giulia Tanno improved her right cork 9 but not by enough to take first place. Mathilde Gremaud, the final challenger for gold, tucked for double on her switch left trick but just didn't have enough speed to get it around, clipping the landing while still spinning. That left Tess Ledeux victorious, largely thanks to the flawless dub 12 on her first run.





Tess Ledeux




Giulia Tanno




Mathilde Gremaud