The final event on the snow jump at X Games Norway was the men's Big Air final. Two different rotations (from right, left, switch right and switch left) were required for a final score but spinning both right and left was no longer mandatory.

Dropping in through the roof at night made the stadium setting even more epic and the crowd was hyped, having just watched Max Parrot win the snowboard event mere day after returning to snow post recovery from cancer. The guys reacted to the atmosphere with all but one stomping their first runs, setting things up for a big finale.

Run 1:

Christian Nummedal opened proceedings with huge switch dub 14. Henrik Harlaut put down his trademark switch left 'triple orbital' 14 uncrossed mute for 40.00. Evan McEachran stomped a dub 16 tweaked mute for a huge score of 45.00 and Birk Ruud landed the unique carved double bio 14 tweaked safety that gave him a little trouble in. Last to drop, Alex Hall, put down a dub 16 with the seatbelt japan + tail grab combo he has made his own for 47.33.

Run 2:

The second run saw a few more crashes with Christian Nummedal going down hard on a switch triple attempt and Evan McEachran taking a decent crash in the transition after a switch double 14. ABM put down his switch triple and Henrik put down a slightly sketchy double flat 12. Birk Ruud almost landed a switch dub 18 but couldn't quite bring it round. Alex Hall backed up his huge first stunt with a switch dub 14 with the same grab combo for another solid score.

Run 3:

Going into the final run, only A Hall had two scores in the 40s, leaving the field wide open. ABM put down a dub bio 10 safety to tail for a 41.33 to find himself briefly in second place. Henrik Harlaut improved his double 'flat' 12 safety to immediately bump ABM back to third. Birk Ruud backslapped out of a switch dub 16 to end his chances of the third consecutive gold before Evan McEachran went down on a switch dub 14. That left Alex Hall with a victory lap, which he took with a dope cork 5 knuckle tap.




Podium Runs:

Alex Hall


Henrik Harlaut