Slopestyle qualis just went down in Aspen and it was a fairly typical slopestyle contests in all its aspects. There were some definite highlights in the form of ABM and Woodsy doing some original tricks and changing up. But even Wallisch in the commentary booth was commenting on how few and far between standout moments were. The scoring clearly took significant account of rails though, which was dope to see.

First run:

Antoine Adelisse started things off with a bobbled run, followed by 3 crashes. Jesper Tjader put down the first clean run of the day with 85.33 to set the benchmark, rails in all directions and multiple dubs. Evan McEachran immediately bumped him with a crazy rail transfer combo up top from the up to the rainbow. ABM put down a mind blowing run, switch dub bio 12 to forward dub bio 12 and rails all ways. Goepper put down the first triple of the day in his opening run, but a fairly standard first 5 features kept his score down to an 80.33. Joss Christensen was clean but didn't have any standout tricks for low 80s. Henrik did the first interesting rail trick of the day with a 180 to switch 5050 but crashed on his last jump. McRae Williams put down some more tech rail tricks, including a switch tails 4 on and ended switch dub 14 for a 91.0 and second place. Alex Bellemare had some mental rail tricks but went down hard on his first jump, good to see him ski out of it after being winded.

Andri Ragettli surprised me on the rails with a front swap pretz 4, switch 2 up on to the wallride, and switch dub misty twelve to triple 14 mute to japan(kind of missed). He had a couple of bobbles but he definitely deserved more than 82.0. James Woods put down one of the craziest rail runs of the day, including a hand drag to switch, to switch 4 on to the the down flat (non-disaster) and then a pretzel to switch tranny on the wallride.

Second Run:

Alex Hall, second out of the gate, stomped his second run with awkward rail transfers up top and dub 12 seatbelt at the bottom, he had a slight bobbles and only 81.66 with bubble spot. It was a while, before anything else changed up, but Nick Goepper cleaned up his run to bump up to fifth. Joss Christensen put down a super clean run and bumped his score from 83 to 86. Bobby Brown also cleaned up his run to 83.33 and bump Andri Ragettli to the provisional bubble. Henrik couldn't put it together today on the last jump and sadly dropped. Alex Bellemare messed up his first rail trick and looked pretty over it. Andri Ragettli had one small bobble in his run, scored worse but survived as nobody managed to bump his 82.0.

Finals lineup: