Words by Jeff Schmuck

Photo by Tyler Roemer

X Games continued this morning in Aspen, Colorado with Men's Ski Slopestyle Elimination, where an impressively deep field of the 16 best slopestyle skiers in the world was narrowed down to eight after a hard fought battle on the next level slopestyle course.

Unfortunately missing the cut today was PK Hunder, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Jossi Wells, Noah Morrison, McRae Williams, Matt Walker, Gus Kenworthy, and to the shock of nearly everyone in attendance (although he is currently sporting a bad knee), Tom Wallisch.


Tom Wallisch

On the other side of the bubble, Alex Schlopy, Nick Goepper, Joss Christensen, Henrik Harlaut, Bobby Brown, Alex Bellemare, Andreas Håtveit and James 'Woodsy' Woods claimed the eight coveted spots in Sunday's Slopestyle Finals, and in the event that you missed it on TV, here's a look at their runs, followed by the full results and the second installment of our behind the scenes video coverage...


Alex Schlopy


Nick Goepper


Joss Christensen


Henrik Harlaut


Bobby Brown


Alex Bellemare


Andreas Håtveit


James Woods


1) James Woods - 92.66

2) Andreas Håtveit - 91.33

3) Alex Bellemare - 89.00

4) Bobby Brown - 87.33

5) Henrik Harlaut - 86.00

6) Joss Christensen - 85.33

7) Nick Goepper - 85.00

8) Alex Schlopy - 81.66


9) Tom Wallisch - 80.66

10) Gus Kenworthy - 78.00

11) Matt Walker - 77.00

12) McRae Williams - 76.00

13) Noah Morrison - 65.66

14) Jossi Wells - 29.00

15) Alex Beaulieu-Marchand - 28.66

16) PK Hunder - 22.66


Behind The Scenes at X Games - Day 2

Stay tuned for more from X Games, which continues this evening with Women's Ski Superpipe Finals at 6:30pm MST, followed by Men's Ski Superpipe Finals at 8:30pm MST, which will be broadcasted live on ESPN, WatchESPN and ESPN 3D. For more information on X Games, visit xgames.com.