Well X-Games, I know I'm not the only person that feels this way, but you really fucked up this year. Choosing to globally televise the championship round for Halo instead of showcasing the real extreme sports that your event used to stand for is so bass ackwards. While the audience that cares about Halo worldwide is surely much larger than that of freeskiing or even snowboarding, it isn't extreme whatsoever. Sorry to all the guys who grind hours upon hours perfecting their craft at video games while making a hell of a lot more money than I do, but you do not belong in the X-Games. They have ESL among countless other platforms to showcase your skills, make money, and not hijack airtime from the TRU extreme sports athletes which inspire every Jerry and his brother to get sendy on the weekends.

John18061806 sharing his thoughts on the matter.

I'll finish this short rant by sharing thoughts from the community.

"So happy Jossi walked away with the win. Not sure how everybody was watching it, but on TSN (Canadian ESPN), I was pretty pissed to be missing slope runs just to see people play video games..." - Logan

"...honestly I was less bummed about adaptive snowboard cross taking over men's slope and more baffled at how Halo got that much coverage... c'mon xgames!" - brookepotter

"Step 1- Put millions of $$$ into an event.

Step 2- Force all skiers to compete in dangerous conditions.

Step 3- Watch them crash, straight air, or get injured.

Step 4- Air Halo instead

Step 5- Spread stoke" - Andrew Napier

"One more try after Facebook deleted my last post calling out ESPN- I get it, there are probably many more people in the world that care about Halo than Freeskiing, but its a sign of the apocalypse if ESPN gives video games a full-medal event at the Winter X Games and teams of guys sitting in padded chairs working out their thumbs are repping energy drink brands. The bills have to be paid, but this is a very slippery slope. I'd rather be watching modified shovel racing." - Josh Berman

"Hope all the homies in slope crush it! Wish they would show all the runs.

I can't believe they seriously have a Xbox 360 Halo Championship in the Winter X-Games. And they're skipping actual sports to show dudes sitting in chairs pressing buttons. Shame on Winter X-Games" - Bryan Wyble


Leave you thoughts below on what you thought of Winter X this year. Did X-Games completely blow it or did you enjoy watching Halo bros merc each other?