Note: Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties and wasn't able to start snagging clips until the 3rd run. I will link the X Games recap when they post it for those who didn't tune in.

What was arguably last year's hottest ski event, Knuckle Huck, has returned for the 2nd year and it had plenty of wild lines, big flips, and massive zeroes for the people! Jossi Wells took a break from filming with Torin Yater-Wallace to drop by for a few massive zero spins, Jesper Tjader did the big flippers, Fabian Boesch couldn't help himself from doing frontflips at every conceivable little lip or QP, Dollo & Ferdi were butter around like madmen, Quan was laying the style on heavy, and AHall & Colby Stevenson were mixing it up with big spins, smoooooth butters, and everything in-between. It was a great way to cap off the weekend. At the end of the session, Henrik Harlaut was crowned the champion of 2021's Knuckle Huck.