Women's slope has become one of our favorite events to watch and today, under sunny skies in Aspen, we saw probably the best ladies' slopestyle event to date. We saw the first dubs in ladies' slope and the first ever US winner.


Run 1 Highlights:

Jennie-Lee: Ollie up to roof - 270 on down rail off, back swap, front swap switch, switch 7 tail, switch 9 safety, left 7 tail: 83.66

Isabel Atkin: Ollie up to roof - front 2 out , switch 2 disaster to switch, switch on shifty gap out trap rail, cork 9 tail, switch right 9, left 7 safety: 88.0. Click for video.

Johanna Killi: 5050 to front 2 combo top rails, switch 2 back 270, opp blind swup, right 9, switch r 5, left 9. 77.0.

Tess Ledeux: Bobbled her rail tricks but SLAYED on the jumps: switch bio 9, right cork 7, left dub 10.

Maggie Voisin: Back 2 - front 2 combo up top, switch 2 back 2 flat down, back swap rainbow, right 9 tail, switch left 9 mute, left rodeo 9 japan: 92.33. Click for video.


Run 2 Highlights:

Devin: Back 2 - front 2, switch on front swap cont. 2, rainbow to switch, sw r5, r5, sw7: 78.33.

Sarah Hoefflin: Back 2-front 2combo, switch 2 to switch, switch on front swap pretz2 rainbow, switch sev, switch cork 5, misty 7 mute: 81.66.


Run 3 Highlights:

Jennie-Lee: 2 on 2 off, switch on handragslide, front swap pretz 2 rainbow, switch r7 blunt, switch left 9 safety, left 7 tail (missed grab?): 85.0. Click for video.

Sarah Hoefflin: Back 2 - front 2, Switch 2 pretz 2 fd, switch on front 2, switch sev, switch cork 5, misty 7 mute. 83.33.

Johanne Killi: So close to taking the win with dope rails and switch dub 10 on the last jump but lost a ski catching an edge on the landing.

Tess Ledeux: Knuckled hard on the bottom jump on her dub 10 but seemed to be ok, also would have been a winning run.

Maggie Voisin: Victory lap, dope flat 5 japan.