Check out what went down in the women's pipe finals earlier

Today's pipe finals at X Games was intense. It felt like plenty of the guys were testing out some new tricks that they're hoping to take to Pyeongchang in a couple of weeks for the first time in a comp environment. There were some heavy spills as a result, the worst of which was probably Aaron Blunck, hopefully he's ok for Korea in a couple of weeks because he didn't take his 3rd run tonight.


David Wise Ferreira

Torin Yater Wallace

Run 1:

Simon D'Artois started things off with the sendiest of runs, bookended by a massive right dub 10 (blind the whole way through) and an alleyoop dub 7 but had some major bobbles which killed his score. Riddle laid down his stock run (left dub 12, alleyoop flat 3, switch 7, right 9, down pipe dub flat) earning a 80.3. T-Sizzle put down a dub-free run that actually looked super dope but missed a couple of grabs. David Wise went enormous on his first run, toning it back from his 4 dub run he's been trying for Olympic qualifiers and 'only' showing us 3 of his arsenal this time round but it was good for a 90.33 regardless.

Other highlights:

- Torin Yater-Wallace: Right dub 12, left 10, down pipe switch 7, alleyoop right dub 9, downpipe right dub flat 9 for 86.66.

- Alex Ferreira: Right dub 12, downpipe dub flat 10, switch 7, left dub 12, downpipe right dub flat 9.


Run 2:

Taylor Seaton added a right dub 12 before his massive alleyoop 7 to score an 83.0. Noah Bowman put all 3 of his switch dubs down but had a couple of bobbles and still lacks a real rightside trick so scored only scored an 82.0. Aaron Blunck threw what was looking like probably the best comp run he's ever done, unfortunately crashing out hard on his final dub 12.


Run 3:

Miguel Porteous, Rolland and Dart all had crazy runs but failed to put them down on the night. Rollands AO dub flat 10 is bonkers, definitely one to look out for at the Olympics. Riddle stepped up his run with a left dub 12, ao flat 3, switch 7, right dub 12, downpipe left dub flat 9. Despite a slight bobble on the right dub 12, it was good enough to bump Taylor Seaton out of provisional 3rd. Noah Bowman's finally stomped his trademark run (right 3 stale, switch left dub 12, sw A0 dub 9, switch down pipe dub 10, right 10) but went too deep on the right 10 and got docked hard as a result. David Wise then blew everyone away stomping all 4 ways dubs: switch r dub 10, left dub 12, right 10, switch left dub 10, right dub 12 for 94.0 and a commanding lead. Nobody could top that but Alex Ferreira stomped a crazy run too: dub 12, downpipe dub flat10, switch 7, left dub 12, dub flat 9 for a 91.0 and second place.