Having watched the Dew tour event, I was actually pretty hyped to watch Women's Slopestyle. I'd go out on a limb and say it was probably the best value entertainment of the weekend at Dew and X Games didn't disappoint either. Given how much I've bitched about comps in the past, that may surprise you to hear but as an entertainment spectacle, this was a good watch.

Run one was all about Kelly Sildaru posting a massive score of 93.00 with pretty much the best womens slopestyle run there has ever been, K-Fed, Front 2, Switch 2 to pretz 2, switch 9 mute, right cork 7 reverse mute, forward 9 mute. There was a solid run from Johanna Killi with a legit switch 2 pretz 2 on the third feature, and also from Tirill Sjastad-Christiansen.

Run two kicked off with a couple of crashes, and then Kelly happened, stepping her 9 up to a forward 1080 mute. Some slightly backseat landings meant she couldn't boost her first run score, but she's at level that has never been seen in women's skiing. Maggie Voisin put down a pretty solid run, but only good for 4th. Tiril stepped up her run with a switch 10 final hit and clean grabs/rail tricks. Less rail tech than Kelly's K-Fed but a great run for a 90.00. As an aside it's actually popping off here at the Skiers Cup hotel, with tons of people gathered round the TV to watch, cheering on various compatriots which is cool to see.

Johanne Killi has found some serious steeze from somewhere, her 3rd run had a bobble in but the style, especially on a switch cork 5 genuinely a thing of beauty, aesthetic run of the day award goes to her. Keri Herman, who the TV tells me has competed in every womens slopestyle comp to date, couldn't put down a full clean run but was without question the happiest person on the slope. Dara Howell had a pretty banging flat 5 bow and arrow to finish her run, bumps her score but is only good enough for 5th. Kelly Sildaru couldn't put down her last run of the day but her first run looks pretty untouchable at this stage. Maggie Voisin put down a banger from what I can tell from the pixels we have going on but not quite good enough to bump her up from 4th to 3rd. Emma Dahlstrom was steezy as fuck but went down on a final hit switch 10. Tiril was last to drop, great run, massive switch 1080... same story, her rails were less good and it isn't enough. Meaning that Kelly wins her first of presumably many X Games golds. There you have it, an entertaining event, no bitching from me and the youngest ever Winter X Winner. On that bombshell...