After a chaotic holiday rampage from Los Angeles vacationers. . . I was

relieved when 911 made a phone call informing all local residences to

stock up on candles, food, and emergency supplies.  The fear drove most

people back south to their homes.  Few battled the storm and some even

tried to make their way up here.  After three solid days of snowfall,

Mammoth received around ten feet and I was leaving... Why?

The morning we leave.

I guess the thrill of an adventure has the power to drive oneself out of town.

Sean Logan and Colin Farrell looking back at the mountain.


what to expect, the three of us drove for 15 hours to Grand Targhee

Resort, a secluded little ski area in Wydaho (Tetons on

Wyoming/Idaho border).  Arriving late that night, we found out that we were going cat skiing the next day.



crew was a nicely toasted gang of Mammoth locals, two telemark skiers,

four snowboarders, and the three of us.  Our guide reminded me of the

cowboy from "The Big Lebowski".  Our reward for the trek. . . a shit

eating grin permaprinted on all or our faces.

Sean Logan getting after it

The snow continued to fall and it was nothing but bliss.  The lack of people and leisurely vibe made it worth all the adventure.   It was the

perfect vacation for me, I even called into work, to stay one more day

and cruise down to Jackson.  In the four days we were up there, I ran

into old friends, friends of friends, and best of friends.

Anjin Herndon out on the pass

I wasn't ready to leave when the time came, but life calls.  The drive back went fast, and the party was over.  Or was it.

Sunrise back in Mammoth


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