G'day, haha i'm an aussie, and we never say that shit, so please don't say it too me and think you're cool, coz i will fly half way round the world to kick your ass, unless you're hot, then i'll just grab your ass, and it'll be well worth the flight.

So I said i'm lazy, and yeah I am, coz I started to make a background thing, then stopped. Just like I started chem, and tomorrow i'm gonna stop. Pfft blogs are gay.

Yah well I got food poisoning from some stupid asian shit I ate yesterday, which ruined my saturday night. I was lying round dying all night. But then we got our first snowfall for the year, seriously it snows over here. Made me so happy.

What am I meant to say in these things? That next weekend we have Head of the River, which is our major rowing regatta for the season, and we all get completely wasted regardless of whether we win or not. I just got so excited bout that all of a sudden. It's gonna be crazy.

How was that? Probably shit, but did I mention that I'm a hot chick that skis? Yeah, it's great.