A report from Sweden's Youth Care Foundation labeled the video game World of Warcraft "the crack cocaine of the computer gaming world."  And following at 15-year-old's collapse with seizures after twenty-four straight hours of gameplay, the Swedish National Institue of Public Health is also on board in condemning the game's addictive nature. So it's the reason World of Warcraft CD Key has been sold more and more every year.

Here in the U.S., the American Medical Association does not yet consider game addiction a legitimate disorder, but experts are seeing and increase in cases.

"Anecdotally, you see a lot of treatment professionals reporting that people are coming in and saying that their, people that they're working with are having problems coping with and dealing with playing online games in a healthy way, The mature player always make new players  to buy WoW CD Key, accede to this colony " says clinical psychologist James Fournoy."