World Superpipe Championship in Park City UT, Dorey 2nd, Riddle 3rd

Justin Dorey    Jossi Wells    Mike Riddle

The World Superpipe Championship stopped off in Park City UT on Saturday March 8th 2008, where Justin Dorey claimed 2nd, Mike Riddle placed 3rd and Dan Marion finished 10th. Some of the biggest names like Simon Dumont and Peter Olenick, just to name a few, were all competing for the $15,000 first place payout.

Justin Dorey

With a great crowed surrounding one of the world’s biggest and best superpipe, at 22 foot walls, Justin and Mike showed them spectacular runs with plenty of style and amplitude. The format was “best run of three”, where Justin went for it all on his first run impressing the crowed and the judges. Mikes second run was his best sliding him in to 3rd by a point over Simon Dumont. Next stop for most of these guys is The European Open and the WC finals.

Mike Riddle

Final Results

1st - Jossi Wells (NZ)

2nd - Justin Dorey (CAN)

3rd - Mike Riddle (CAN)

4th - Simon Dumont (USA)

5th - Tucker Perkins (USA)

6th - Matt Hayward (CAN)

7th - Byron Wells (NZ)

8th – Peter Olenick (USA)

9th - JP Solberg Peter (USA)

10th – Dan Marion (USA)