"World's First SkiBASE of the Matterhorn" - Super Frenchie Diaries with Matthias Giraud ep #4 on WIDSIX TV

Matthias Giraud is THE FIRST person IN THE WORLD to skiBASE the Matterhorn. Captured by several GoPros and other Cameras, Super Frenchie's jump come very close to ending in disaster when his ski hits a rock and he is forced to throw a GIANT front flip off the peak to avoid death.

Watch this edit and you'll never look at a skinny french dude the same way again... you might be looking at the skinny french dude that did THIS!

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Matterhorn Facts:

Elevation: 14,692 feet (4,478 meters)

Location: Valais Alps. Also called Penninie Alps. Border of Switzerland and Italy.

"I was born by the sea, and up to the age of twelve I had never been outside my native Province; and yet, without being aware of it, I knew the Matterhorn. I did not know it by name, but I knew it. When, by chance, someone in my family uttered the word 'peak', and my small child's imagination created the corresponding picture, I saw a pyramid, beautiful as an arrow of stone, pointing towards the sky." ~ Gaston Rébuffat

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