StartFragmentWorld Premiers, Kickball, Ping Pong Tournament, NO Pants NoShirt After Parties, StretchLimos, Open Bar’s and complete debauchery, A typical weekend for a Ski MoviePremier.

While most people whereoff at IF3 getting after it, Rage was going bigger and bigger in Bend. Friday consisted of a lot of homeworkbeing done in the office, our new mailroom clerk, Gus Kenworthy worked hismagic on Jamaica Pinnick (Sky’s sister) while they made sure all of the DVD’swere sent out to those who pre-ordered. Rage Radio hour hit the airwaves for two hours and banterwhich only those who really know the crew might have found funny entertainedCentral Oregon. Mark Dvorak hosted a kegger with Ping Pong tourneys runningall night long. Dylan Natale andKyler Cooley giving most a run for their money, even though Mark still claimshe has impeccable skills. Aspeople passed out as the sun came up, no one was allowed to sleep too much. Rage woke the gang up early for ourannual kickball game. CodyTownsend carried his team as best he could considering Mike Mertion spent amajority of the game lying down in the outfield. Derek Spong, Tim Durtschi, Elise Saugstad and Ashley Battersby, fought off the foulballs and brought some excitement to the outfield as Kyler & Dylan’s teamwon the game. After two hours ofhungover kickball, the Bend sun beat down on us all and led us to a jump in theriver. People stopped to watch as15 Rage athletes and affiliates flung themselves off the bridge into theDeschutes River.The Dutch Brothers limo complete in royal blue décor pickedup our gang of riff raff and fueled the partying even more, dropping them atthe Tower Theater for our world premiere. Affiliates of Rage provided an open bar (probably not the best idea, butwe sure did appreciate it) and autographs flung as the martinis flowed. The afterparty at Boondocks was incredible. We had beer pong tables set up, Kylerdominating most of that action, DJ Metal was in town, complete w/ a nitrofilled dance floor. Dania Assalyowned the cage, while Dylan was cutoff. The party wasn’t complete after 10,000 vodka Rockstars until the afterafter party ensued upon the house rented for the athletes. The “No Pants, No Shirt Party” began inthe hot tub, ended up in a guy on guy wrestling match….Kyler, Mike, Derek, andDylan….yes, we have pictures. All in all, we would like to thank everyone who made thisweekend happen, the Rage crew, our athletes, sponsors, local businesses, andgod for creating booze.Rage is now on the road headed to Boise, SLC, Tahoe, andShasta. Check our tour schedule at and come party w/ usand enjoy “Such is Life”!