It seems all too true nowadays that from the perspective of ski areas, bigger is better. Much of the Newschoolers community is already aware of the One Wasatch merger being proposed, but this recent announcement is sure to make even that seem like your local hill.

It's a done deal.

Austria is soon to be home to the one of the largest amounts of ski areas accessible under a single pass, 34 to be exact. Yup, 34. For only €680.00 ($760 USD), you can now purchase both the Kitzbüheler Alpen All Star Card and the Salzburg Super Ski Card as one and be granted access to over 1,700 miles of skiable terrain, not to mention 916 lifts to choose from. If you're still having trouble fathoming the size of all this, take a look at this video below mapping out the terrain.

It's wild to believe that we live in a time like today, where an almost inconceivable expansion like this is possible. I'm sure this will receive great praise from the likes of all businessmen, even many skiers, especially with the very affordable pricing, but for me this is just becoming too much. As someone who came from a tiny hill with only 3 lifts, much like many NS members, this new pass makes growing up at Breckenridge seem insignificant.