Photo courtesy of @snowjamboree

I don't really know how it happened but Big Air has become possibly my favourite event to watch these days. The size of the jumps in most contests, and especially at city big airs, has seemingly limited rotations to some (albeit small) degree, meaning the way to set yourself apart now in a world of spins is to put a unique carve, grab or tweak into your tricks. Woodsy, Henrik and Kai showed it at X Games and it was evident again in Quebec tonight.

Yeah there were a couple of triples, Andri Ragettli can triple 14 anything and somehow Kai Mahler managed to get his carved triple 16 round on a jump that seemed far too small for it. But it was tricks like Henrik Harlaut's switch dub 10 shifty to japan, Jesper's blender switch dub 10 and whatever the fuck it was that Teale Harle did but I'm not willing to call (maybe it was just a weird dub 12 but the last rotation was almost a pretzel kind of like a Vini$ or Dean Bercovitch) that really caught the eye.

Top 3 Men's Runs

At the end of the day, Kai took first thanks to that triple 16 and a switch dub misty 12 mute held almost to the ground, Henrik second with the sw dub 10 shifty and a dub bio 12 (with what I'd call a tindy), and Andri rounded out the podium with a sw dub misty 14 and triple 14 mute.

Top 3 Women

On the women's side the Swiss completely dominated proceedings with Mathilde Gremaud (with a rodeo 9 safety, switch 7 high mute), Giulia Tanno (switch 10 tail (tickled) and cork 9 tail) and Sarah Hoefflin (switch 7 mute and switch cork 5 safety) taking the sweep. That means 5 of 6 podium places were Swiss by the way. Dominant.