If you're curious about the man formerly known as "that guy in the purple pants" that you may have seen in Clown School edits all over the internet, here are some words he said after I asked him things via the internet. And his name is John Ware. Duh.

Kiesel: So John, What's your scene been lately?Ware: Well, I have been attending school and doing very well in my classes, taking fly fishing trips, partying a fair bit, and praying for snow. I really enjoy getting out in the woods to escape this crazy city life we live.K: Where's your favorite spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the Salty City, or is it too secret, loc-dog status?W: Last weekend we took a trip to the left fork of the Huntington River, by far the coolest part of Utah I have seen and one of the best fishing spots out.But that?s pretty secret loc-dog so keep it DLK: For sure (I?m sure no one will read this), and since we're on the topic of favorite spots, where's your favorite spot to be shredding?W: I really enjoy skiing powder at Brighton. And Park City for, well, park. It?s in the name?
K: Makes sense. What was it like growing up in Portland and skiing around Oregon?W: Portland is the shit. It is however not the best place to live if you want to ski a bunch. I only had a couple friends who were into it, so we did all we could to shred. I started skiing Mt. Hood Meadows when I was 2 and pretty much skied no more than 10 days a year. I snowboarded for a few years from about age 9 to 13, then picked skiing back up and got into the park scene. The entire time I lived in Oregon I was a weekend warrior and rarely got 20 days in a season. That?s a main reason I moved to Utah.K: So what else inspired your move from Oregon to Utah?W: Well, I could have chosen to go to any school in Oregon, Utah or Montana (all due to cost). I chose Utah cause it has the sickest mountains and the coolest people?and 4bi9 skis here duhh.
K: What is your education all about?W: I?m in my 4th year of Civil Engineering at the University of Utah. It?s getting super interesting and I am excited to see where my career takes me in the future. For now, I take super light spring semesters to maintain my status as a student and still manage to ski as much as I want. For that reason, it might be another year or 2 before I graduate.K: Any plans for when you've graduated?W: Probably just mellow and ski bum it for a couple years, maybe cop an engineering job that pays big cash.
K: Yea money is pretty cool. How was being on the grind for the summer up at Windell?s?W: I was super stoked Witt [Foster] hooked me up with the [coaching] job. Looking back it was one of my best summers ever. Coaching was busy at times but overall an awesome time. Pretty much all of the campers were super stoked to ski and learn, which makes all the difference. Plus I got to ski with cool pros like Jeff Kies, [Mike] Hornbeck, and [Liam] Downey.K: Haha. Speaking of PROS, did you look up to any skiers or snowboarders growing up?W: I have always looked up to Candide, Pep, T Hall, and more recently [Phil] Casabon and Henrik [Harlaut]. All those dudes to it RIGHT. On the snowboard side, I was always a fan of Nate Bozung. Though after watching F? It have realized John Jackson is a slayer and people need to take notes.K: So obviously you think Henrik and Phil are doing good things in skiing, what do you like about their skiing? What is good skiing to you?W: Yeah man, those guys just look at features like nobody else and use every part of the skis, tip to tail. The way they are progressing the sport is much more unique than chucking dubs. Good skiing to me is having smooth style and doing tricks that look different than most others?. I am not a fan of robotic slopestyle runs and would much rather flow through a park tranny findin? and havin? a good time with homies.K: Nice, well I?m out of questions, any shoutouts?W: Shout outs to all the Utah homies, my parents and the whole Surface crew. Thanks for supporting what I do!
(All photos by Ian Matteson!)P.S.- Random YouTube video, courtesy of Warehttp://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhN34ut8s020PyZe35

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