So i think i'll write a little blog here.

Not sure how they work but i had an amazing day and thought i'd share.

After a night of heavy drinking, fire pits, and beer showers for my friend Mishaela's Birthday (The girl downing bagged wine in the picture with SnackBar), I got the call from my roommate Nick saying it was time to head to Boreal For the Grand Opening.

...I immediately threw the phone under the bed desperatley trying to maybe get over 4 hours of sleep today...

3 calls later I was in Nick's little white subaru hatchback sleeping on hwy 80 heading 70mph straight to Woodward.

After a quick catnap in the parking lot, in the most uncomfortable sitting up position, I stumbled into the ticket office and immediately realized I was the drunkest person there...#yolo.

(Float the river yesterday// ski today!!)

Big things happening at Boreal with Woodward opening though , it's pretty interesting to see this massive warehouse jungle gym with all the things you love to do pop up at one of the smallest hills I've seen.

I guess it makes sense though with how good they are at harvesting snow and keeping lifts running earlier and later than anyone else,

also having a huge parking lot gave some room for the barn that Northstar or other places might not have been able to provide.

Expecting a slushy rail yard i was blown away with how many creative features there were set up, not to mention a money booter and 22' Superpipe...both of which i managed t avaiod because of pure laziness and not wanting to hike. Did spot Hayden Price, Surface Outdoor Adventureman, making his way up and down the jump a few times. Clearly i need to take a lesson.

From the rails, Tubes, Boxes, Jump, and the Crazy Tank Jib I had one of the best times I've had all summer.

I have a hard time believing anyone could have a bad time.

Seeing everyone from the whole surrounding area in one place back on snow after a month or so was like one huge family reunion,

even the one guy that brings a race board to a 1000ft rail patch...I guess he's family too.

A couple people I've never met before like Sammy C and Tanner were there too and were both genuinely stoked to be out there.

Always cool to see that these guys are real people too and not some ambiguous movie contest legends.

Anyway I think that about does it for me time to catch up on that sleep and get back into summer hibernation for a few more months.

If you're headed out to Woodward Tahoe for any of the upcoming sessions get stoked because the facility is amazing and i'm sure it will be a great experience.


(p.s. TacoBell on the way back was most righteous)